• 3022web
    Realised: HK$ 149,500
  • A222
    Realised: HK$ 172,500
  • A235
    Realised: HK$ 92,000
  • C2250
    Realised: HK$ 276,000
  • A25
    Realised: HK$ 74,750
  • C216
    Realised: HK$ 218,500
  • A633
    Realised: HK$ 86,250
  • C116
    Realised: HK$ 138,000
  • CH6
    Realised: HK$ 276,000
  • CH12
    Realised: HK$ 138,000
  • BK101
    Realised: HK$ 172,500
  • C194
    Realised: HK$ 34,500
  • BT12
    Realised: HK$ 63,250
  • A460
    Realised: HK$345,000
  • R1176
    Realised: HK$ 103,500
  • AT1
    Realised: HK$ 1,495,000
  • R902
    Realised: HK$ 115,000
  • CH14
    Realised: HK$ 437,000

Our last auction was a great success! It realised over HK$24 million, see our results HERE

Zurich Asia consistently achieves the highest prices on the market. Compare our realisations with that of the other auction houses.
If you sell your stamps, make sure you sell them at the best price with Zurich Asia!

If you wish to meet Louis Mangin, director of Zurich Asia, note that he will be:

- in Hong Kong from 28 - 31 October & 4 - 7 November.
- in Taiwan from 1 - 3 November.

Zurich Asia has been one of the leading stamps auction house in Asia for ten years.
Our mission is to provide collectors with the widest range of stamps and postal history. We have at heart to help them find the finest and rarest items.
Our auction house has the largest client network in Asia. We offer consignors the most extensive audience to compete on their collections.




February 2015

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