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Welcome to Zurich Asia - "Asia's leading stamps auction house"

Our next auction will be held on 26-27 April, 2022. Please follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest news. You can view our next auction catalogue listed as follow:
If you have Stamps, Banknotes or Coins and wish to have a consignment with us, please take a picture of your collection and email to info@zurichasia.com for free preliminary evaluation or contact by phone at (+852) 2521-2883 to make an appointment with us.

Zurich Asia has been one of the leading stamps auction house in Asia over a decade. With our largest client network in Asia, we offer consignors the most extensive audience to compete on their collections. Our mission is to provide collectors with the widest range of stamps and postal history. We have at heart to help them find the finest and rarest items.



April 2022 RESULT

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